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So, this morning my Grandmother bursts into my room and continually asked if I was ashamed of myself, if I was ashamed of being a girl. She directly told me my name was Xela and not Oliver. She spent this morning bitching about how horrible I am and that I've fucked up everything and etc.

The thing is, I have no clue who told her. Nobody in my family knows, and none of my friends have her number or even live nearby. What I'm guessing is a guy at my school told his mother (my mother's best friend) and his mother told my mum. Cause this guy can't stand me and the feeling is mutual. But, he has known I'm trans since August, why would he just now out me? We haven't spoke so I know I haven't ticked him off or anything.

Even if it wasn't him I'm still anxious, because if the person who told her knows me then they may know I'm pansexual and that I have a girlfriend; which would only add on to some of the things I've got because of being trans. I pray she doesn't tell my father or my mother if she doesn't already know; They would react 10x worse than she did. I just have so much anxiety now and am so confused as to what to do.. She told me if I didn't drop this "act" I would have to live with either my Mother or Father. Both are horrible to live with for reasons I will not include but I have no idea what to do..


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yikes. Starting to wonder if it's time to get social services/Child services involved. In any case though, do some research and see if you can find some sort of outreach program LGBT specific and if they can guide you to where you can go without ending up homeless. I'd hate to see that happen to you... it happens far too often with LGBT youth.

If I could (I can't right now..:( ), I'd offer my home.


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My mate volunteers a lot of time in trans community activities. The number of adults who STILL have terrible relationships with their families is high.