Our dog passed away!


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We cried and missed our dog so much. Our dog passed away last week. show you our dog picture here. I made scarpbook frame for my husband. He cried and loved it. We hugged it. My cat made me crap now because he missed dog. Our cat keeping meow meow meow for few days!!



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EagleCherokee63 and your husband....

Im very sorry of your loss with dog...

He or she will be in your spirits forever :)
she or he will be in my thoughts!

take care,


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I'm very sorry that your beloved dog died. :(

I hope your scrapbook provides you and your hubby sweet memories. :hug:


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i am sorry hugs you feel better smile

i lost my cat 2 years ago i know what is like to lose pet in the family
pets are part of family ofc smile


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:ty:to you all!! My husband accepted after way. I comfortable my husband and my cat. My cat is going better now... take time few days....


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i am sorry to hear that your beloved dog passed away... 11 yrs old thats pretty old in people's years which is 77 yrs old.. Your cat will be ok .. just play with your cat to make the time go by and he/she will be ok soon.. hugs to you and my prayers n thoughts goes out to you and your husband and your cat, of course... :(


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Sorry and I am sure your dog is very happy across the rainbow and join the doggies! Which included my dogs too :) :hugs:


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Am sorry of your loss, it's never easy losing a pet who is really like family. Rest assured that he/she will visit your from time to time.