Oregon Storm


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Okay so I live in the great wet state of Oregon and today we had a classic spring rain storm. Although normal here in Oregon I thought I would share it with you. This lasted about 15 minutes today.
It started at my house with a random down pour. There was a little bit of hail mixed into it too. The roads started to flood and the sidewalks were flooded.20160618_134837_resized.jpg 20160618_135020_resized.jpg
Then we drove down the high way leaving the main storm and hitting a smaller one with sun on the side.20160618_135559_resized.jpg 20160618_135932_resized.jpg 20160618_135955_resized.jpg
Then we left the storm and went on our way, but we could still see the storm in the distance
20160618_152407_resized.jpg 20160618_161159_resized.jpg 20160618_161631_resized.jpg
All of this happened in about 15 minutes. Yay Oregon!


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We get popup showers too , it will be raining in one town and by the time we get to the next one is not raining anymore, cool picture.