Opening Day


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^Giants vs Dodgers is quite the rivalry. The Dodgers used to be my team when I was a kid. Mariners weren't around yet. :D

Jane B.

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[QUOTE="Cappy, post: 2469873, member: 56549"]I bleed Cubbie Blue! Cubs are off to a good start with a 2 game sweep of the Angels.[/QUOTE]

I am in a mixed Cardinals / Cubs area east of St. Louis in Illinois. We are actually a lot closer to St. Louis than Chicago. I mainly follow the Cardinals but when they are not involved root for the Cubs. So . . . would that be red with a bit of blue but not quite enough to make purple?

Jane B.

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Purple! LMAO. I have always envied the Cards winning everything, even tho I hate 'em. :D
I double checked it with Google and that is was several entries say you get when you mix red and blue paint for example. I just thought it was a kinda fun idea!

Centralia is a real mix of rabid fans for either and then those like myself that are a bit in between depending on who is playing what other team.

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