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    ONETHOR is a project that was created and developed by CJM GLOBAL BUSINESS , a Brazilian company created December 20, 2011 by a group of executives Telexfree . The company has partnered with companies that have decades of experience and use Network Marketing as a tool for promotion and sales.

    Onethor is composed of Brazilian entrepreneurs and operated by three managers Brazilians are:

    Rodrigo Brandao Correa
    Martin da Silva Misael
    Rodrigues Ferreira Wagner

    They come from the group of executives Telexfree , and have set up headquarters in Hong Kong, this network offers an evolution in the world market in the segment of direct selling companies .

    Below you can see the details of the registration of the company .

    the Business

    ONE THOR through the instrument of E-Commerce has decided to implement the system of direct sales and multilevel marketing launching in the global market :

    products Welfare
    Consumer Products
    Digital Advertising
    Partner Companies in Brazil : , Netshoes , CVC, Submarino , AnimaDoBrasil
    Enterprises International Partners :, E-commerce news .

    products and services one thor

    The Plan Earnings

    To join OneThor and start earning money by displaying advertising you will need to purchase a package ....

    Before you register first take place ...!

    The package will be valid for one year from date of purchase.

    Bonuses , which specifically relate to the business of publishing , are the " Digital Media " and " Residual " .


    FIRST INSURANCEQuando purchases packets will add an additional cost of 15% of the value of the package for an ' insurance capital that will protect you from any unexpected can meet now .

    A novelty in the field of online business that provides greater peace of mind for your investment .

    Insurance is the " First Insurance International" based in Hong Kong , created by the group.

    The Company agrees to send the documentation of the contract within 60 days from the package.

    Financial Management

    Acacia Bank is the platform of choice for THOR ONE to make international financial transactions .

    With a safe, complete solution , the platform will provide an account anywhere in the world.

    The creation of an international account with Bank Acacia costs $ 400 but for all customers OneThor the company has closed a deal for only $ 75.

    Acacia from your account , you can send and receive international money transfers and many other operations .

    In addition, the Bank will issue free Mastercard OneThor in an immediate way to manage your withdrawals .


    The investment plans offered, including insurance, have the following costs :

    One Partner - $ 50
    One Central - $ 402.50
    One Family - $ 1,725.00
    One Team Thor - $ 8,625.00

    Upgrade the package. Within 90 days of paying the difference :

    OneCentral > from OneCentral to OneFamily
    OneFamily > from OneFamily to TeamThor

    When you can no longer do the upgrade package .

    TeamThor added bonus . To purchase the TeamThor the company anticipates additional 3 family packages , as well as those that you have already purchased. The value of the packages will be repaid from the earnings accrued on a daily basis from your account

    Extra Bonus TeamThor . If you purchase an additional TeamThor , you will advance further 2 additional packages family , up to a maximum of five.

    Plans Gain

    To earn 10 Bonus OneThor you :

    1 ) Direct Sales

    1 . Bonus direct sales

    Purchases made ​​on partner sites OneThor for a minimum of $ 1,000 .
    (Applies only to currently Brazil and China)

    2 ) Direct Referral . Commissions on packages purchased.

    Get every Affiliate Directed by the following bonuses:
    One Central -> $ 30
    One Family -> $ 150
    Team Thor - > $ 750

    3 ) Closing Couples

    When financial statements with the closures pairs left / right tree for your Network in OneThor as Telexfree .

    Daily fee : $ 20 ( left / right)

    4) Training Framework

    Every time you close ua One family with two pair on one side of your business and draws on the other you get a $ 100 bonus . Closing Family with two pair .

    5 ) Digital Media

    5 . Bonus digital media

    The bonus that comes from viewing ads daily in OneThor .

    One Central > $ 20
    One Family > $ 100
    One Team Thor > $ 500

    Therefore, in 52 weeks by displaying ads in OneThor earn :

    One central > $ 1,040
    One Family > 5200 USD
    One Team Thor > $ 26,000

    6) Residual Bonus

    6 . residual bonus

    Residual income from the operations of display of your team up to the 6th level .

    Get 2% weekly by the activity of promotion of each of your referrals .


    One Central > $ 0.40 ( $ 20 )
    One Family > $ 2 ( $ 100 )
    One TeamThor > $ 10 ( $ 500 )

    7) Bonus Plus One Thor

    7 . plus one bonus thor

    In simple words, purchases a starter pack , you do get two different people covering the position left and right ( binary classification ) , if you purchase a next packet of the same value , you OneThor anticipates an additional one .

    The value of the package will be rewarded daily by the revenue generated from your account. At the end of this period actually earn from this package without having used any funds from you.


    Qualification of the binary position Right and Left with two different people.
    A new package purchased in your name

    Attributed Bonus : A new package of the same value predicted by OneThor

    Tip: Buy two packages the same, if they are different , it will bind to the bonus package worth less .

    Clarification. The Plus One Bonus Thor is valid only for OneCentral and OneFamily but not for the TeamThor .

    8) Activate Monthly

    Based on the monthly earnings that mature by the bonuses and structure , a portion is allocated to the activation of the position for the following year.

    The fee is determined by the overall gain considering all the bonuses .

    It is automatically activated only after you've qualified for the left and right track and when you start to get the bonus Couples and Trio.

    If you will not be able to close any pair or trio , you pay nothing .

    Payment for packages OneCentral will be required if you exceed the $ 250 gain in a month.

    The monthly cost of activation will be:

    from $ 250 to $ 1000 Monthly : $ 50
    from $ 1001 onwards 5% of the monthly

    9) Bonus Career


    E ' need to have 5 members per leg
    It is calculated on the lower leg
    All qualifications will receive a pin.
    The objective must be achieved within 12 months

    Fees based on the number of One Family :

    Silver - 200 - 6000 $
    Gold - 1000-24000 $
    Sapphire - 2.000 - $ 30,000
    Ruby - 4000-60000 $
    Emerald - 10000-180000 $
    Diamond - 20000-300000 $
    Blue Diamond - 40000-600000 $
    Black - 80,000 - $ 1.200.00

    10) Bonus Thor

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