Offensive prank by a guy who claims to know sign language? Make it VIRAL!


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I know I should introduce myself in the first place and I will. I had to register here and voice my mind because everyone deserves to know. I am deaf and hard of hearing but I am deaf anyways once I take out that hearing aid. I am extremely offended and outraged by this man who claims to use fake sign language which is a universal language we use to communicate with other people around the world. This is racist and wrong. This needs to be called out and I already contacted The Daily Moth about this and Facebook, Twitter. I need to do more. I want this man called out for his actions so everyone can educate him on why this is wrong. Do not ATTACK this man. Just state your opinion. I am not here to tell you how to rebuttal him with your opinionated thoughts but please make this viral and share this around the world. I will NOT condone people faking sign language and act retarded on camera. Everyone knows it's easy to be committed and learn sign language and make a prank happen. This man needs to be informed based on his mistakes and actions on social media. I am glad I found this. Perhaps I can finally add and meet people who are deaf because I live in a small town and it's hard to find a lot of deaf people. I look forward to visiting this forum and hope to make millions of friends! I love hearing people too. I love it when they learn sign language too! Deaf people are here to stay and dominate the world and achieve the impossible like everyone! Thanks for sharing this complaint to everyone! Do what you can do!


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Honestly, I personally don't know him. I am torn. While I watched it, I laughed and offended at the same time. At least he didn't run into trouble if a gangster spotted him throwing gang signs like that. I wonder what happens if a woman happens to know ASL and he will be surprised- oops! I'd love to see that look on his face. The guy looks too old to interact with college students. *shrugs*


:rolleyes: ah jeez,. People do anything for video views. I probably would be signing and speaking what it looks like he's trying to say. You shampoed your hair??? You need paper? Ok bye! Lol