Odd person out ?

Since I have partial hearing and good verbal communication, I often find that I am the odd person, caught in the middle and not really able to fit in anywhere. Does anyone else have that same issue?

I did not learn to sign or read lips as a child. As an adult I know when a person's mouth is moving that they are probably talking and I should pay attention. So I do, but depending on the person's clarity when speaking I often confuse words, so two may sound like three if citing numbers, pasty and package also may sound the same. As for ASL, I really don't know very much of it and cannot hold a whole conversation with it.

How do you deal with this? Do you find that employers do discriminate and give you lower wages than your hearing coworkers? Of course proving that is impossible, since they have all their reasons for giving you the wage they do.


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My life story in a nut shell...late-deafened feel this way mainly...in 2 worlds...All I can say is get more schooling and training for a higher-paying job (as I did)….Learn ASL...and lip-reading too. Pad and pen are ur buddies when needed....Think positive, be confident.

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