No Charges for Nazi Dog


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A German man won't be prosecuted for teaching his dog to do the Nazi salute.
But he does face other charges. Police say the man taught his dog to raise its right paw, after the owner said "Heil Hitler."

The dog's name is Adolph. Displaying Nazi symbols in public is a crime in Germany. Charges concerning the stupid pet trick have been dropped. But he still faces prosecution on other counts.

Police say he was stopped for yelling "Heil Hitler" on a busy street and for walking around in a Hitler T-shirt.


Wow, that's unbelievable...
Teaching a dog to do the Nazi salute, thats a first!!!


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Whoa :shock: The guy is an idiot to teach his dog to raise right paw when he yelled, "Heil Hitler". I am glad that he got charged anyway.


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Anything relating to the Nazi and Hitler always sickened me to my stomache. Hitler was one sick bloke. :( What he did was the most unforgiveable thing he ever did and will NEVER be forgiven at all.


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Hitler should be in the very heart of hell, next to Lucifier (satan) suffering the worst pain known to mankind in accordance to what he did during his regime.

If that dog had known what Hitler did, he would've had mangled his owner into grounded beef, then barks "Human beef for sale!"


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I find this funny.. I didnt mean to laugh but.. Uhhhh.. dog do the tricks.. Oh come on!! thats sick.. but glad that he was charged anyways *smh*...

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it isn't the dog's fault anyway...the dog doesn't even know who that monster was so dogs were just forced to be trained and stuff like that...

but of course, I wonder what they are doing to that guy who got charges on him...I wouldn't complain if he even got a life sentence in prison anyway