No being gay is not a choice.

If it was a choice gay people wouldn't be in the closet about it out of shame. Why would someone be ashamed of something that is their own decision?


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I've tried this argument with people. It never works. It's mostly religious people, because if God made people gay, but then condemned people for being gay then God would have made a mistake, or God was just cruel. So to believe that being gay is not a choice makes them question their beliefs. And it's easier to just believe what they want than to question religion.
and why do you care ? , the other people, religious or not , have the right to agree or disagree with your life style, orientation or whatever. You don’t have to explain yourself and others do t have to approve or disapprove, as long as you respect other people’s freedom, and what you are doing is legal .... just be and let be


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The problem with that as many LGBT can attest is that the religious people/'bible thumpers' try to actually cram that ideology down other people's throat. The aim is to get them to stop doing that.. it's fine they want to believe that but don't force it on other people (apparently some also scream there's a "Gay Agenda"-- pfft). I'm all for live and let live but I also don't like the idea of 'tolerating intolerance'.

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