newbie, any deaf electrician here?


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Hey guys and gals,

I'm a newbie here, just registered. I'm a recent graduate of a 2 year electrical program as an electrician trainee at a community college in southern california. I find jobs incredibly difficult to find, and since I am deaf, I find that it is very hard to get jobs as a trainee with the various electrical contractors. most of them are not willing to work it out with me. I wonder if there are any deaf electricians here or do you know of any company or city or some place that is adapt at hiring deaf electricians? I am fluent in ASL, can also speak pretty good at times but writing notes is usually easier in noisy environments. Thanks.


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I know of 1 HoH who is an electrician. He is out of job though. Was laid off. He's having hard time finding a job as well.

Jason Shaw

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Hello, Light Electric. I am a deaf master electrician and certified solar PV installer in Texas. Glad to see more and more deaf electricians or those who wants to become one. There is a group I established on Facebook called Society of Deaf Electricians and Specialists. Join us there!