New to aids: Frequencies help.


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Okay, first things first, I suffer Recruitment so for a large portion of my life, I have avoided hearing aids.

However, I am now trying to use them because apparently they can help better these days in regards to Recruitment (although I know I'll permanently need subtitles for Films/TV all my life)

Secondly, I am aware that it's going to take my brain some time to get used to all the louder and new sounds my brain has never heard before.

But here is my question:
I was generally told from the later part of my life, "get digi aids, get digi aids" as they can be finely tuned.

So after taking the plunge a little earlier this year, I got a pair off the UK NHS.

But there is one problem... I can no longer enjoy music the way I did before. I will STRESS that WITHOUT my hearing aids, bass in music is pretty loud and I was comfortable with that, I was hoping that now with the aids, I could get to hear more of the higher instruments with bass included. However this isnt the case. I can no longer hear the bass in music when my aids are in.

So I thought of asking the Doctor to up the lower frequencies somewhat, but was told that it doesnt work that way? Is this true? I thought digi aids could be finely tuned??BUT having said all that, If I put large over ear headphones around the aids, I hear music exactly the same as without my aids, so why can I not without the headphones? - Do I need to turn up my subwoofer? Which is on setting -30 BTW out of a possible -40 to +6 range, without my hearing aids, that subwoofer is plenty loud enough without my aids at -30, I dont want to upset my neighbours by turning up the Sub.



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It could be the type of earmold or dome you are using. You may need one with a vent that allows the bass sound in while giving you the higher sounds from the hearing aid.


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I have no idea what "open dome" means, I have a skeleton mold (as called by UK NHS) is this 'open mold'???) However, due to a lot of replies on another website, I have seemed to found the solution, Its to turn the treble to MINIMUM on your cinema home system, and turn up the volume a little with mid range bass. I have my drum and bass back!! (that was missing before)

I understand it may sound counter intuitive to reduce treble cos you're deaf but in my situation it has worked.

So, for others in my situation, turn treble to minimum, make bass low to mid range, adjust volume to suit.