New Peer-to-Peer App now in BETA stage


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NEATTUCK is the world's first peer-to-peer laundryshare app. Like Uber it consists of 2 major categories; Washer and User. The concept is quite simple; anyone can join the platform. If you're a User you just need to provide a method of payment, and Washers need to pass a background check and submit a bit more personal and banking information.

If you're busy, allocating a few hours weekly can be the time you want to spend with your family, play games, go to a concert... virtually anything.

Becoming a NEATTUCK User can get your laundry done within 6 hours, and have it picked up in minutes after filling out your request form to a Washer. It's really that simple, tap a few buttons, take a few photos of your clothes, make a payment, and the Washer will be there in minutes.

If you need the extra cash, while you are at home, in college, even if driving uber is becoming annoying. You can pick up a User's laundry, start the wash cycle, and go enjoy a Netflix show while that washing machine is making you money. Good money.

If you want more information check out our website or you can signup for the BETA release coming soon @

you can also check out our trailer on this link
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