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My name is Connie. Just looking for a group to chat with who deals with the everyday life of hearing like a 95 year old since the age of 25 I’ve had a great sense of humor regarding my hearing loss my entire life but it’s getting harder. I am 53 now, still working and trying my best. My hardest struggle is trying to understand what my grand babies are saying. I hear them, just can’t make out what they are saying. It’s sad. Just seems like in the past several years I actually have the guts to tell people when I meet them that I have a loss. Why didn’t I do this my whole life? . Sure would have helped.
I have otosclerosis, which is inherited , and caused my loss.

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Am also new here. Very similar situation - progressive hearing loss in right ear. My Otolaryngoloist diagnosed it as Otosclerosis and has recommended hearing aids. Stapedectomy is an option, but am scared of the surgery's risks. Researching options on stopping the progression of hearing loss.