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Hi everyone! I’m new here. 35 HOD female from down south. My hearing loss has been gradual over the last 15 years and I now wear a hearing aid (which isn’t super helpful), I’m told better late than never. I’m desperately trying to adjust to life with this thing and find some silver lining in all this. Avid concert goer (yes, with ear protection) and diyer. Mom of 1 and in a committed relationship (with hearing partner). Normal life I suppose but still feel left out. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated!


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Keep reading around old threads and you will likely find some helpful things. Meanwhile a big welcome to you and most of us are in the same boat of feeling left out. I am repetitive and unafraid about asking people to speak slowly and clearly, but 80% cannot do so. 10% try hard with constant reminding. Once in a blue moon I come on someone who tries hard to learn, and I treasure them. I had some loss by your age and then by 40 I put myself in a a second language learning situation that made it VERY clear I needed devices. by 68 I am very near to deaf. While I enjoy my own company I do miss interacting at a fast verbal pace. it was a fun, irreplaceable way to interact with others. C'est la vie.