New Direction... Looking for advice.


Hello Everybody. I'm in the process of moving to Palm Springs, CA. This is like a dream to me. But I'm a little worried and looking for thoughts/advice. First a little background of me. Im in my 40s and have worn a hearing aid all of my life. I am totally deaf in my left ear. Severe to profound in my right but with the aid I do well. Im best in one on one situations. I have had office jobs all of my life sitting behind a desk. No big deal. I can read lips ok if you dont have facial hair and keep your hands away from your mouth. With that said, I'm relocating to Palm Springs, CA next month. It is mostly a resort/hospitality industry. Funny, but my dream is to be a bartender. My confidence is a little low because if I work in a bar and the boom boom boom music is so loud, I can't hear the customer. If I become a waiter/server... people tend to speak quiet. How do I deal with all of this? Yes. I took a bartending course and did well, but it was in a controlled environment. The other thing is at times Im an introvert, but I do like people. My fear is not hearing and customers looking at me like Im stupid. Does anyone know of a deaf bartender/deaf server? Thanks much!


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Unfortunately I was a bartender/cocktail waitress when my hearing got bad and I didn't cope well. If you get good helpful advice its something I enjoyed doing and would like to do again. I hope someone has positive input


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No idea on the deaf bartender part but perhaps try to find something that is quieter.. hotel bars can be pretty quiet and less crowds (well generally- I don't know for sure lol). I'm sure there are some locations that have bars or services in quiet environments. Another angle would be to hire on with a catering company- that may or may not be a sure shot as of course parties/receptions can get loud plus music.

Best of luck with your move! I know how hard it can be to move- I've moved so many times that I'm used to it but it's still a challenge to start over again in a new place.