NEW! Deaf Christian Coffee-TLC-Central New York.

Mark Falso

New Member
Deaf Beer!? Deaf Bar? UGH! You do not want to be unequally yoked. Christian? Please read on!

This is new! The Lord's Club is hosting all new Friday nights! That is right!

TLC Deaf Christian Coffee

Every Friday night 7pm to 10 pm for fellowship and Bible Study. Great for ASL students to practice ASL! All Christian Deaf people are welcome to come for truly blessed awesome fellowship. CODAs, Hard of Hearing, Deaf, Late Deafness, ASL Students, and of course, Interpreters for the Deaf are welcomed!

This is non-denomination. All are welcomed!

It is held at Dunkin' Donuts on 409 Seventh North Street in Liverpool (Syracuse), New York! Bring your cash for awesome coffee and donuts and sandwiches! And your Bible! ALSO bring a friend, friends, or family!

Come on down every Friday night starting this Friday November 9, 2018! See you there! God bless!

Please message me any questions you may have.

This is part of The Lord's Club-Big Heart Ministries hosted by Mark Falso.