New and wanting friends


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Hi. I’m new here. I’m shy but wild with friends. I love sci-fi shows and talking about the characters and cinematography. I am looking for both female and male friends but would like to find a female friend that really would understand me. I am happy to have found this site and will be reading posts and just learning my way around. I’m like following the leader, if I connect with who I’m following. I’m calm but can be nervous too. I’m open-minded and like in-depth conversations. Respectful and loyal. If you like sci-fi or traveling a lot, then we might have some things in common. Thanks for your time.


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Hey there, I'm Christine. We sound like we could have a lot in common! I love sci fi. Have you ever seen Black Mirror? If not, get Netflix and cancel your plans for the next 20 hours, lol. Feel free to text me if you want to chat.


I love being on the road and get away for awhile. I flew once but that was just around the airport that was it. Would like to practice on ASL :) I'm from Iowa nice to meet you :)