Need your help and friendship


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Hi my name is Jeff. Im at a rebuilding stage of my life and just beat i.v. drug use and mental health problems. My faith is the most important part of my life and the reason for my recent victories. I was a half credit short of graduating high school and im currently enrolled in online classes to finish that and when i do I want to become proficient in asl . I love people and the other day a deaf man came into the store I work in and it hurt my heart that I couldn't communicate with him. As a young child I was one of 3 black kids in my grade so I hate feeling like someone is alone and that's what i felt that day. I thought about how it must be like that for him on alot of places he goes. So felt moved to learn asl because I love all people and I want to communicate with them. So at another job I work at I typed in " Learn American sign language " into the google play store and and not a minute later a woman walked in the door and handed me a little paper that said she was deaf and the paper could help me learn sign language. I look at this as conformation that God is telling me I'm doing the right thing. So the help I would appreciate from any of yall is your friendship, advice on where and how to best educate myself, proper etiquette, and positive vibes. Please accept me into your world and culture and know that I'm not gonna just leave when my learning gets tough and understand that right now I know nothing. I'm looking forward to getting to know some of yall.