Need information for an Ethnography on Deaf community and Culture.


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Hi everyone! If any of you are deaf or hard of hearing I would love it if you could answer some of my questions.

1. Have you heard/experienced the stigma that surrounds cochlear implants? If so please elaborate on your experience.

2. If you chose one word to describe the Deaf/ HOH community what word would you choose?

3. If you were born to a hearing family and you are deaf or hoh, did you ever feel that your upbringing had many challenges?

4. Do you know any ASL or ESL? If so how did you learn? (school, family...)

5. Did you go to a school for the deaf or public school?
- If you went to public school did you ever face challenges interacting and getting along with other students?
- if you went to deaf school, do you think your school experience has been good so far and heightened?

Thank you all so much!!
If you answer all or any I greatly appreciate it!