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New member here and getting desperate to find a device to solve a problem. I'm a double cochlear implant user and guess I do as well as most with living with the difficulties involved. A new problem has arisen lately and I'm hoping someone here can help me locate a solution. My wife and I are over 70 yrs old and are starting to encounter more of the problems involved with aging. She has taken several falls recently and is nursing a broken foot and a broken kneecap as a result. She has suffered back pain for years and as a result is more comfortable sleeping in a reclining chair than in a bed. As a result, when I go to bed at night and remove my processors, she and I are pretty much out of contact with each other unless she can come to the bedroom to awaken me. She has recently fallen twice in the night and been unable to summon me to help her. While she has a LifeLine service, calling 911 to help her results in a $125.00 fee from the ambulance company for responding. We have searched the internet and visited a local HOH devices store looking for anything that would allow her to awaken me when she is laying on the floor in another part of the house. Specifically, I had hoped to find something like a wrist watch that I could wear in bed and have it vibrate when she pushed a wearable panic button. Is anybody aware of anything like this available on the market? I've not had any experience with flashing strobes or bed shakers, so I don't know if they would wake me or not. We do both have cell phones with Bluetooth capabilities, but she has not had the phone with her when she fell and I don't know if I could keep mine attached to me in my sleep well enough to feel it vibrate. We are desperate for a solution here and would greatly appreciate any help we can get. Thanks everyone for looking.

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Thanks FF for the recommendation. My wife and I have been looking for something similar. I have seen these. They get mixed reviews on Amazon. It is good to know someone has had some success with it. Some complain about the lack of a user manual. With just a FUN and ENT button is unclear how to set it up. I did find with a search for Singcall on youtube they do have some instruction videos that are helpful.


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With my personal experience that there's elderly deaf couple use baby monitor for the deaf. The reason for that, it's so much easier to scream than typed. With their age and arthritis fingers which create difficulty with grasping the phone and open it. So if one fall, she/he can simply call out which create either light flashing or vibration. You can find it here, I googled it quickly and there's one sample:

or you can go to and you will find it "Baby Cry Signalers"

Hope that helped?