Need advice for my website

Hi everybody,

I'm a French deaf PhD student in biology. I'm doing my own website ( It is not finished yet and some articles are written in French. Do not be afraid, I will translate them in the near future.

Nowadays, I need some advice. What do you think about my approach? Do you find any error in the code? Do you have any suggestion for me to have a better website?

Thank you very much for your help.



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Hello Benoit, I looked at your website and it is very good. Also, Google chrome offers to translate the site. You have made some great accomplishments in your life and you should be very proud. I wish you great success in the future.


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Hello Benoit, I have just checked your website and this is a great start. To start with you have done a great job. I like the simplicity of your site. No distractions, etc. But you still have a lot to do...

First, go for a responsive design. I tried to resize the browser but your site never adjusted to fit the resized window, instead a horizontal scroll bar showed up. Use bootstrap framework, foundation or W3.CSS to achieve this. Or if you are skilled in CSS then you can go for the media queries. A site like would get you started so quickly.

Secondly, go for a trendy design. Add features like slideshows, etc. You don't need to make it complicated and I would suggest a mobile first design. Alternatively you can use a content management system like Joomla or better WordPress. They have so many ready made plugins, components, modules, etc, plus they are easy to update.

Please feel free to ask me anything... Am a professional developer by the way.

I'm not entirely right.
I need a website, because I want to create my own business. I choose between several ideas - the main one is creating a staffing agency.

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