Naida V...Feedback?

I use feedback in a dual role here. I visited my audiologist this morning, and had a hearing test. He measured a 110 dB loss in my good ear, in the mid/upper frequencies. 80 dB in the lower frequencies. Speech discrimination was 65% in the better ear, pretty much useless in the bad ear.

My current aids are a 70 dB max gain. I talked to him about Phonak Naida V options. He's generally a Starkey guy as he likes the quality of the sound they produce, and I've always had Starkeys. He was telling me that Phonak and Resound are nice aids but more prone to feedback at the highest gain, thus not really making those max gains very usable. Were going to try them anyway, and I can decide for myself.

But for Naida V users, how prevalent is feedback with these. Is the entire range of gain usable? Or is the feedback too great at the highest volumes? Also, what other differences can I expect moving from a RIC aid with custom powered mold, and a BTE?
All my aids have been resound. I stared with BTE with silicone ear molds and did really well with them, as new tech came out I went to the linx2 RIC and wasn’t a fan. I just this week ordered the Enzo 3D power BTE with silicone full ear molds. I have nothing to compare it to but I did not have troubles with feedback on my BTE only with my RIC. GOOD LUCK!


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Only time I had issues with feedback with my Naida hearing aid was when the earmold didn't fit right, or if anyone/anything got too close to my ear. I needed a lot of power.
I got the new Phonak venture naida hearing aids last year and they have less feedback than I have ever had. I have a 100-120 loss in one of my ears and they still hardly ever whistle, I can even wear hats and headbands with no feedback. Still get some with laying down but it’s not nearly as bad as my old Oticon’s.


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I’ve had various Phonak Naida UPs since 2010. I’ve never had any feedback. My loss is 60 dB in the lows to 110 dB in the highs.

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