Naida H.A.


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One of my Naida's got homesick for Phonak and is going back to the shop. AGAIN :mad2: :noway:


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Last week I ordered the Naida III UP in black and silver, my audiologist ordered it first thing Monday morning and it was in my ear by 3pm Tuesday, I ordered it for my weak left ear because I have been having a lot of problems with my stronger right ear, I'm sure I have an infection or something and I have seen 2 ENT specialist and they both don't give a toss, very frustrating.

I have been solely using the Naida in my left and it seems to be getting stronger and I'm feeling more confident with people and using the phone (work on a IT helpdesk and not hearing sucks) and starting to hear the TV a little better and doesn't seem to be has muffled.

Not sure if I will keep it though, I have the 30 day trial and only a $50 return stocking fee if I don't want it, I'm hoping if I can get a ITE instead now that I'm feeling my left ear getting stronger, although the waterproof feature would be nice for when running cause my old aid craps out from moisture.


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My Oticon Adaptos were the only aids I ever had that didn't need to be sent in for a repair. I had them for about 5 years before losing them...

I've got the Naida V now, and so far no problems, but after reading all the horror stories on this thread, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :fingersx:

I'd like to put in a good word for Oticon. I had my 380Ps for 15 years without needing a single repair. According to my CI audi, they still work perfectly to this day which makes a total of 19 years. :cool2:


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I put my son's aid in the shop today (about 3 months after we bought it) for switch problems.
Now I'm having second thoughts about the aid though when it functions it seems better for my son than the Widex he had before (today he put on the old Widex in one ear and Naida in the other and told me the Widex is deffinitely weaker than the Phonak).
He used to have Phonak in the past and now I'm starting to recall it did visit the shop very often (but then we got him a third, spare aid so it wasn't much of a problem. with the prices today, we surely can't afford a third spare aid - not to mention the difference in programming between the ears)...


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I have had many brands. I currently have a HA by oticon and it is my 3rd replacement aid