N5's wanted


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I am searching for the N5 processor to purchase if anybody is wanting to get rid of one. Or if anybody can recommend other options for getting a backup processor it would be appreciated. I lost mine on a recent trip to New York, and Cochlear wont replace it.
Thanks in advance for your help. :D


Oy vey, I'm sorry you lost your N5.

Just a suggestion for ya. Consider contacting your home insurance (or hazard) company and ask them how much it would cost to buy a rider for your implant. I'm personally stalling :lol: but will get to it soon. You'll need to ask your agent how much coverage you'll get and that means you'll want to know from Cochlear, how much a new processor costs. There may also be depreciation costs as time goes on.

Hope that makes sense. I worked in an insurance/finance company for a while on computer apps.