My surgery (possibly graphic)


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I can't post in CI/HA section because I didn't get CI replacement, so it was complete explantation, including electrode array from cochlea.

3 days after surgery

18 days after surgery

The permanent scar from CI surgery in 1996.

In 1996 - there were 2 incisions - on scalp and behind the ear.

What's big difference - it went from overnight stay at hospital with throw up, fever and a lot of bleeding that soak the bandage in 1996 to outpatient with no throw up, no fever and tight, uncomfortable ear shield bandage. Of course, it was painful procedure but I'm glad that I managed to overcome it. I had CI removed due to migraine and pressure pain.

Now, the migraine is gone after CI removed, however I got watery eyes and sleepy if my eyes are tired.

Funny, I strawed the Sprite too fast after wake up and my nurse said no way!!! they told me that I could throw up, so I told them - there is no nausea.

Also, I saw 2 armed prison guards with inmate on hospital bed that next to me, so cover with privacy curtain.


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I can see them, and the images are huge. Maybe too big for you to download or open?