My current goals to help me become stronger.


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I am working on my goals. I am open to suggestions. I hope this inspires you to make your own goals!

Current goals
*Focus on improving myself (be self-reliable) and try not to focus on career goals for this one

1)Increase my stamina, physical and mental strength to be able to cope and adapt to survive in a difficult world.
⦁ Yoga (Find out online how many times a week I should do this)
⦁ Take Multi-Vitamins everyday
⦁ Find Herbal supplement pills or tea to boost my energy
⦁ Find delicious healthy foods
⦁ Find an optimistic viewpoint in a negative situation
⦁ Try not to make a big deal of anything
⦁ Think of an easy way to see my family and friends more often.
⦁ Try brain games
  • Be clearer in my communications with people
2) Screen out the people that are bad for me.
⦁ Figure out how to not to let people use me
⦁ If a person drains my energy after hanging out with them, avoid them.
⦁ Don't wait around for anyone hoping that they will change.
⦁ Learn to recognize backhanded compliments (Negging)
⦁ Don't let anyone borrow my money.

3) Become more confident and take some chances.
⦁ Look for odd jobs in my free time.
⦁ Volunteering
⦁ Take free classes

3)Become tidier
⦁ Clean up everything for one hour every day (Could be less if everything looks clean)
⦁ Learn how to be more organized

4)Pick up useful skills or fun hobbies.
⦁ Writing to figure things out for myself (Privately)
⦁ Reading

5)Spend less time on Social Media
⦁ Find an app to set a limit for myself

6)Start being more creative.
⦁ Try art again with no one around to criticize me

7)Find more people who I could relate to.
⦁ I don't know yet about this one
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You have a lot of great ideas and are on the right track for betterment. You can implement them little by little. I would like to make a couple of suggestions.

On yoga pick up a book "Richard Hittleman's Yoga 28 day exercise plan. It's available at Amazon. It's a great yoga book. You can go at any pace that is right for you. I did it in 28 weeks instead of 28 days.

Drink tea instead of herbal pills. Its better for you. Green tea is nice. There are others, you need to sample to find what is right for you.

I had a problem with the internet, I would log on and spend hours. Then I decided 1 hour a day and 2 hours if I had extra time. See what time you log on and shut down in 1 hour. Be strong.