My Brother's Door, LOL!


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I took some pictures on my sidekick. Yes, I know some images are blurry a bit but I will explain what they said. :) To DeafBlind ADers, don't worry, I add details for each picture. <winks!>

Those pictures are about what rules my brother made for his own room. :giggle:

[First Picture: There is my baby brother's bedroom has his door, and some ripped papers are all over his door.]

[Second Picture: A small and torn, upper-right corner note said, "No girls at all, only with permission".]

[Third Picture: A full paper with no damages or torn, it said, "You can come in if you are a boy, or if you are a girl, you have to bring a candy!".]

[Forth Picture: A torn note is a little bigger than the first note but it is a lower-left corner. It read, "Boys Only".]

[Fifth Picture: An another full paper with no damages or torn, it said, "Derryk's Room - No Visitors, only people I know who!".]

[Sixth Picture: A somewhat crescent-like torn note said, "With meow or always at night, Glacier (the kitty) can come in".]

:lol: I think it's funny. :P

Okay, I need to get to go. I'll be right back in a bit later. :)
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This brought back some memories of when my brother was little...

He used to put up signs on his door!! HOW CUTE!!!


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Botti - He will be ten this year. ;)

Chris' Mom & Adam Momma - Heh heh, me too. I remember I did with neat and clean papers for my old room when I was a little kid but I was not really 'sexist'. :lol: Same with my little sister, too. Now it's his turn to do it. Ha ha :P

It just made me to miss my ol' good days during my childhood. :aw:


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My brother used to substitute the A in his name w/the 'Ghostbuster' symbol (the Red circle w/a slash thru it over a cartoon ghost~only his lacked the ghost) and post it on his door... he was "Ghostbuster Matt" as he insisted on being called!! LOL :giggle:

He wasn't sexist either-- but he was a little big younger than your brother at that point~~

Oh to be a child again!!!


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I don't have any siblings but I still had a NEAT sign hanging on my door. Not sure what it said, but I guess something like "Please knock and wait for my answer before entering MY room" :giggle:

At a certain stage of my age I had to remember my dad that I was no longer a little girl :D I remember him being grumpy the first time he saw it. :giggle:



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That's so cute! My son does same thing but I did not take picture. I will next time when he create a new one!


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hehe cute
my nephew is starting to do that with his sister (my oldest niece) LOL he is 14 now but never too old for putting up sign, i did the same thing at his age by putting danger zone sign on my door LOL.
his sign said no sister allowed LOL but i am allowed to be in there shrugs.