May people shocked that I can speak English, Russian, German and Latin pretty well until they found out that I am deaf, also I know ASL too. Human being idiot. Human thinks that deaf people don't know how to talk. One time, I went out to eat. I told waiter that I am deaf. It took about 10 min to order. So when she left, I start talking my friends and put the headphone on. So waiter got mad that she thinks that I being faked deaf.
I don't think it is surprising that you know many languages. Linguistically speaking, the more languages you learn, the easier acquiring new languages become. I hope to know as many languages as you do someday. I'm still working on my second and third languages. I have heard a lot of stories like your one about the restaurant, it can be frustrating. It would be interesting, maybe, to make a thread that celebrates all the languages multilinguals know. There are a lot of them on this site.


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I know ASL, PSE, SEE and BSL Some Hebrew, Tagalog and a few Spanish words. I would like to know how to speak fluently Hebrew. :D

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