Most Boring Person Awards!


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So who's the most boring person you ever dated or knew?
I dated a guy (!) in college, who is probaly going to win the Most Boring Person in the World Award. He had absolutly zero personailty. You'd talk to him, and all he'd say was "Yeah" I can remember one time he called me in my dorm room, to talk, and we talked for about an hour. All he said was "Yeah" We went out on a date....all he said was "Yeah" I tried instigating some conversation, but again...all he said was "yeah" I kept wanting to ask him if he knew any other words besides "yeah" He didn't seem to have any interests besides music (Weezer) and was just so incredibly uninteresting.


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Sorry... I couldn't resist. :thumb:

Seriously, I know that feeling. Sometimes, I'll talk to them and wonder if they were really listening or not. I'll then ask if they were listening and they still give me the same answer! Argh! Heh!


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LOL I remembered that I had to talk to someone at bowling alley in Las Vegas years ago. The guy could not comphrend my ASL. I had to repeat in basic signs, he still did not get it. Then, I realized that it was a waste time for me to repeat same sentences to him about three times before I gave up and left. I know that I was rude by leaving him on the spot, but I had no impatient with him having a lack of understanding my ASL. Have you ever had experiences in same situation?
yes I do have expereince boring conversation with some deaf friend but I can't said anything. and also some from online. It make me so nutty and crazy lol