Misunderstanding At Coffeeshop


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My nonverbal didn't match her verbal. So she got mad at me. Why do people assume things that cause confusion? and then get angry at me as if I were intentionaly trying to miscommunicate? read my account here :mad:


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Sadly, good customer service is a dying art.
When we growing we knew most of the people that worked in stores , you got to know people by their first name and stores took pride in the having good customer relationship. This was how stores stayed in business , they relied 'on word of mouths ' to get new customers . Customers seen as a person , we're seen a $$ sign. I miss the small stores where you did not need a map to find your way around.


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"Why was I so upset? Because misunderstandings are a daily ****ing occurrence. Especially for Deaf and hard of hearing people." Yep. She probably forgot it as soon as you turned away, but for you...it hangs on awhile. Wash , rinse, repeat.