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I have bulging disk L 4-5, but I don't need surgery. I'm 100% pain free and it's going strong over a year since I received my injectors. I made big changes to my mattress. I spent fortune on Loom and Leaf. We also tested Tempur-Pedic, Casper, and well known brands, but they all didn't work for me and gave me nothing but pain and uncomfortable. I researched further and decided to go for extremely firm futon mattress (all cotton). all real wool topper, and wood platform. It works. No pain anywhere in my body when I wake up!

You can try all wool topper and throw it on the floor.
Affects direct way. For example I have back pain, and I need new mattress. Does KingsDown help back pain?
Mattresses from this brand are made from high quality materials, and they provide good support and a cool night’s sleep. I think you need to choose suitable model for you. On what side do you sleep? What is your weight? These questions are very important when you choosing new mattress. If you want to buy model from this brand here is a good review for you

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