Man Allegedly Dragged 8 Miles On I-95 By SUV


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Suspect Faces Manslaughter, Other Charges

SPRINGFIELD, Va. -- A Lorton, Va., man has been accused of hitting and dragging a motorist more than 8 miles to his home.

Investigators said the victim, Fitsum Gebreegziabher, stopped his car in the travel lane of southbound I-95 to fix a flat tire. Police say a sport utility vehicle driven by Josuel Galdino, of Lorton, Va., rear-ended Gebreegziabher's car.

Authorities said Gebreegziabher became tangled in the SUV's suspension system and Galdino then allegedly drove home.

Galdino's lawyer told the Washington Post his client did not realize that the victim was entangled in his car until he got home, and when he made the discovery he called police. "He advised that he thinks he struck somebody on the interstate and that there was a man deceased, kind of attached to his car," said Fairfax County police spokeswoman Sophia Grinnan.

Galdino was driving a Mitsubishi Montero that suffered extensive front-end damage.

He's been charge with manslaughter, driving while intoxicated and felony hit and run. He's schedule to be arraigned this morning.

According to the Post Galdino is from Brazil, and works at the Brazilian Embassy as part of the cleaning crew.

:ugh: How can u NOT notice.. and he should have stopped after hitting that man's car. :roll:


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Fly Free said:
yea Teekie -- so sad for the victim who lost his life to this idiot drunk driver!!! *smh*
Yea.. near my hometown.. and that town where i went to elem and HS too.. some people there can be :crazy:


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WHY dont POEPLE take the keys away if t hier noticing extesive drinking it would save ALOT of lives!