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I just remember this place where me and my old best friend went for her birthday like 4 or 5 years ago. It's a popular drag queen restaurant located in downtown Manhattan, delicious but expensive chinese foods and bunch of good funny shows. All waiters and hostesses are drag queens, I think some of them were real life actors. We've met a well-known actor named Miss Understood. She've been on many shows and I've seen her in real life show on HBO. So, we took a picture with her. I'll scan it sometime soon when I can!
Oh, it was so funny when there were a lot of drags in women restroom, I felt kinda funny but other than that I thought it was totally cool!
So, if you happen to be in town, I recommend you to go to that place! Must make reservation, and there'll be a good chance for you to meet someone famous! (We just missed Ivana Trump by a week later)

Here's the link:


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DAYUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm I was in NY last yr and i could have gone there DANGGGGGG oh well Shit happens LMAO! BUT i will deffy keep that in my mind when my next trip to NY comes my way :)


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It looks interesting... I will keep that in mind when I plan to go to NYC... Anyway I was in New Orleans two years ago, there were lots of drag queens and it was soo fascinated.. I dont know why but I was amazed how they dressed up and how their bodies are formed.. U know what I mean..... Of course, I made fun of my male friends cuz they were soo into them and thought they were really female.. It was fun observing my male friends.. :naughty:


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It sounds very cool. I would like to go to Lucky Cheng in NYC someday. I dunno when?

I met a drag queen who knows ASL in Las Vegas. He is very proficient in ASL. I was thudded like a brick. He was damn hilarious!! ;)