Looking forward to hearing my cat purr.

Hello everyone,
I have a beautiful black cat called Dracula, he is my absolute beautiful boy.
I can hear his high pitched meow most of the time but what I want most of all is to hear his purr rather than just been able to feel it.
I sat and thought about this the other day and it makes me want to cry.
Why is it so overwhelming to want to hear a noise we have not heard before or in a long time?
It's not like I can't hear anything he does (I am quite lucky in that sense)
But I also want to know how do you guys/gals cope if you can't hear any noise your pet makes?
I am lucky I live with my husband and we also have a friend that lives with us so there are 2 hearing people around if I miss him asking for food ect.


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Ooopsiei am really sorry i forgot to reply to your comment :( I am really sorry Ialmost cried when the cat was the second noise I heard after hearing the keys in the door. he has such a cute meow and a cute purr,

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