Looking for People to Play Modded Minecraft With :)


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Anyone here up to this? I am tired of being bullied and slandered at the "normal" Minecraft communities. So I am wondering if anyone here would like to play instead? :)

I got the server and everything just it kinda empty... :(


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Vgamer, we're truly sorry if we misunderstood each other. Please add me back because I want to talk. :)


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I am sorry but I just in the end didn't find the group right for me.
I know this is a really late response, for that I apologize, I don't know if your still looking for someone to play modded Minecraft with, but I would SERIOUSLY love to play with ya man, been looking for someone to play modded Minecraft with for quite a while now, if you get this, and you're down, add me on discord: BloodFoxVixon#4880