List any school name that you have been attended (elementary to high school)


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1963-1976 Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD) all my life.


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i actually was into my first pre-school is Harvard Elemetary for a few months later...then quitted it 'cause there is no deaf program 4 me in one year later[1996], i finally was attended into View Ridge Elem. when i was into a first grade after into kindergarten in during spring time..It's stupid to be explainable this...that's what I hate but i will summarzie this as such as simply

Simply 2 tell u this..
1995-1995 fall= Harvard Pre-school
1996-2000= View Ridge Elem[a mainstream school]in a public seattle school
2000-current= Washington School 4 the Deaf[a mainstream school] in vancouver, washington
If I quitted this deaf school, attend a public seattle school which named is Roosevelt High School for awhile till my parents decide if they can't decide then I can choose those school whatever i want.

then probably change my future--

2004-2006= lincoln high school
2006-2008= roosevelt high school

if obvisouly, it doesnt change..then it would be--

2004-2008= washington school for the deaf!!!!!!! FOREVER! DEAF PRIDE LOL!
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imasillymonkei, O/T I know, but something that could help you decide where to attend school is look at what you want to do for the future. If you're not too interested in attending college but want a job right off the bat, a Deaf school might be better for you as they may have vocational training oppertunties not really offered at mainstream schools. The trouble with mainstream secondary ed is that nowadays it's mostly geared for the suburban achiever who plans to go off to college, and a lot of those suburban achivers may be "educated" but many of them are "educated idoits" with no real marketable skills. Even if you're interested in going off to college, you could still go to a community college right out of Deaf school and then if you did really well you could continue your education somewhere else.
Also, ask around and see what the real life manifesations of the D/hh/sped support programs are like. If the sped programs/support services are really not that great (ie the teachers are all "Oh everyone in this program is just going to get on disabilty and not do anything with their lives) and the support services are very minimal, you'd probaly be better off at a deaf school. Everyone raves about how wonderful the academic quality of mainstream ed is, but in order to get really good quality support programs you pratically have to be a battleax!


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deafdyke said:
Teekie, you're YOUNGER then me? I thought you were in your thirties!
:lol: I'm surprised you think I'm that old..that's funny, you werent the only one who thought I was older :rofl: I'm actually 23...


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that's funny, you werent the only one who thought I was older I'm actually 23...
I think it's b/c you mentioned that you're a mom. Nowadays people tend to get married mid-twenties and have kids in their early thirties. I see you took a few more years graduating then I did, even thou I am only a year or two older then you (turning 25 in Sept) Did you graduate at 21? I see you graduated from Clarke the year before I graduated high school. Do you still know anyone at Clarke? I go there for audilogy and am thinking of volunteering to be a mentor in the fall.


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*1988-1989 - Silver Bay Elementary- Toms River, NJ (starting preschool, was hearing then start to have a hearing loss later on in the year)
*1989-1990 - Walnut Street Elementary- Toms River, NJ(deaf program)
*1990 - Stafford Township Elementary- Manhawkin, NJ(mainstream, deaf program)
*1990-1993 - McKinley Ave Elementary- Manhawkin, NJ(mainstream, deaf program)
*1993-1994 - Stafford TWP Intermatine- Manhawkin, NJ(mainstream, deaf program)
*1994-1996 - Little Egg Harbor Elementary- Little Egg Harbor, NJ(mainstream, deaf program)
*1996-1997 - Pinelands Junior High School- Little Egg Harbor, NJ(mainstream, no other deaf kids, but had an interperter)
*1997-2003 - Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf- Trenton, NJ
*2003-present - Gallaudet University
*Summer 2004- Bergen Community College- Paramus, NJ (summer session)


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1983-June 6th 1984 ~~John Carroll Elementary School (pre-school graduated)
1984-1989(?) ~~ Springhall Lake Elementary School (K-5 grade)
1990-1992(?) ~~ Thomas Claggett Elementary School (5-6 grade)
1992-1993(?) ~~ Thomas Johnson Elementary School (7-8 grade)
1994-1998 ~~ Eleanor Roosevelt High School (9-12 grade, but graduated June 6, 1998)
1998-2003 Howard Community College (graduated on May, 2003)
2004-present Moody Bible Institute



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1984-1986 Albany Med. - starting at 3 mo in deaf class
1986-1989 Prospect School - preschool in deaf class
1989-1992 Harrison Ave. Elementary School - in deaf class at public school
1992-1996 Moreau Elementary School - in deaf class with some mainstreaming
1996-1998 Hudson Falls Middle School - mainstream
1998-2002 Hudson Falls High School - mainstream
2002-present RIT

If there're anyone here who went to school with me long enough, they could recognize who I am. ;)



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HappyRambo said:
The Learning Center For Deaf Children in Framingham, MA (1985-2004)
You graduated in 2004? Do you know Jeff Mansfield? He graduated in 2003 from there. Now he's going to Princeton.


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I attended the Redford Union Oral Program for the Hearing Impaired (now Redford Union Oral Program for Children with Hearing Impairments) from 1989-2003:

Dearborn Public Schools (total communication) 1988
Pearson Junior High pre-school 1989-1992
MacGowan Elementary School 1992-1998
Bulman Elementary School 1998-1999
Hilbert Junior High 1999-2001
Redford Union High 2001-2003
John Glenn High 2003-2005
Unnamed College 2005-2009???


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I will try remma as I can because my life was full of transitial

1973-1984 different elementary school - Center St Elementary, Southwest Elementary, Wood Elementary, and other I cant remma - all in California

1984-1985 Warwick Middle School in PA

1985-1987 Dallastown Middle School - PA

1987-1989 York Suburban High School - PA

1989-1991 Model Secondary School f/t Deaf

1992 Gallaudet University

1997-2002 North Central University (got BA Degree Whoo!!!!)

coming soon====> Master's Degree!!!!!


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i am singapore-born but malaysian. and currently living and studying in canada :) Am profoundly deaf, wearing hearing aids, and have been in mainstream all my life due to extensive speech therapy.

1993-1997 CHIJ Kellock Primary School, Singapore
With 1 year - 1996 - at Sear Rogers International School and Clearwaterbay International School, Hong Kong

1997-2004 Garden International School, Malaysia

Sept 2003 - present Lester B Pearson United World College, Canada
2006 - 2009 who knows? ;)

i was more or less the only deaf student in all my schools throughout my life. except for 1 term in HK where i attended Sear Rogers International School (can't remember if that's the correct spelling) which had a program to help deaf students cope in mainstream. currently representing my country and a part of the deaf community in UWC. trying to show that i can do everything the hearing students can :)


Age 3 to 6 ~ Preschool for the Deaf

Age 6 to 11 ~ John Will Elementary School

Age 11 to 13 ~ Bel Air Baptist School (private school)

Age 13 to 19 ~ Independent Methodist School (private school)

Reason I graduated in H.S. at age 19, it was teacher's fault for lost track of my grades! GRR!!

Deaf International Bible College in 1988 to 1991

Northern Illinois University in 1991 to 1992

Another College from 1996 to 1998 then again in fall of 2002..plans to go back to school perhaps in spring.


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Color, a lot of dhh kids stay in school until they are older....don't feel bad.
Where's International Deaf Bible College? Did you choose to go to the reglious schools or did you come from a really reglious family?


deafdyke said:
Color, a lot of dhh kids stay in school until they are older....don't feel bad.
Where's International Deaf Bible College? Did you choose to go to the reglious schools or did you come from a really reglious family?
At age 11 to 19, I went to private school..

International Deaf Bible College locates in Mpls, Minnesota..but I heard that the name of this college has changed into different name.

I was raised in Christian home...they are wonderful family! :)