Links to websites for learning ASL

I have fallen in love with DCMP.ORG. So far I have been able to stream every video I am interested in. I could quit my job and just spend 27/9/423 on that site.
The site looks great but it says it is specifically for students up to Grade 12. Am I missing something?

Thanks for this thread!!!


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On iTunes U, there is a series of videos titled "Vocabulary Builders" from Jacksonville State University. They show vocabulary for specific subjects, not really conversational lessons.


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For those interested in other sign languages scattered throughout Europe...As well as Turkish and Japanese. They have videos for every word and everything. Here you go:
Pls do you have some links to websites for teaching in ASL at the secondary ? & I would like to get CD or DVD for teaching. That will be my project to help deaf students in college.
Melanie 808 State,
Aloha and thank you Kristina. I am hearing and work in the business office of a sign language company that assigns sign language Terps to whom/and where
ever they are needed. I love the expansion & insight that learning ASL is providing and evoking in me, a whole new way/world of viewing, being,and understanding the very active, productive, and contributing members of the Deaf community. Love ASL University, Bill Vickars, I'm not young,retirement age and it's takes more time to retain what I'm learning....but it gives me a joy I just can't explain....Aloha!
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