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Originally posted by Lasza
Ohh u mean u rather have major relationship with women only. While play fool around with men right???
that could be her explaination :dunno: personally it just didnt make sense to me but ahh i :-x let LezArtist say what she wants to say :D


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Originally posted by LezArtist
For myself, I am lesbian outside my world but inside I am bisexual. But I am really proud who I am! And also, I am with someone very special in my heart! :)
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Hey guys,

I am lesbain and I am begin lesbain by two last years and I am very Happy my life lesbain... :smile:

I just wonder that Do you know deaf gay or lesbain club in NJ or Penna and I just want to know if they have deaf club gay or lesbain let me know anytime :smile:



I know in Philadelphia they do have gay gathering together at a café every Friday in Center City. Other than that I really don't know of any clubs around here. I know we are supposed to have NJRAD for NJ and also a similar club for PA too but I never have been to one of their events. Good luck and if you find something out, lemme know.


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Hello Kuifje75,

Thanks let me know also i went to NJRAD that is nice place and first time and i has enjoying with who is gay and lesbain in NJRAD then Oh really about philly but I never going to center city in Philly and I will find out who know about NJRAD

~hug~ peacerainbowGal


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Re: Hi Javapride

Originally posted by PeaceRainbowGal
Hello Javapride,

I just wonder that you are Male that is right and I not want get one wrong person :laugh2:

~hug~ :fly3:

im a FEMALE. thanks for bringing that to my attention LOL!


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Hello everyone..I am lesbian too and living in New York City so it is my first time be member of alldeaf.com and love to read posts which it is pretty cool there. So feel free ask me anything you would like to know :) ;)


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Hey Javapride

:Oops: what you are Female ??? i saw your picture look alike man LOL allright u are female.. too me

:fly3: :jaw: