Last Movie You Watched?


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The last two movies we rented were The Hangover and Inglorious Basterds. This was about 3 weeks ago...

The Hangover - Great movie... absolutely hilarious.
Inglorious Basterds - Terrible. One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Crappy, crappy movie.


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As for the last movie I watched... it was An Inconvenient Truth. It was for my environment & resource management class. Good documentary... I really do enjoy watching it. Good facts. Thought-provoking quotes. Too over dramatic. Over exaggerates. The political crap is not necessary. :)

I've seen it 3 or 4 times.


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I recently watched a couple movies today... Ninja and Blood: The Last Vampire (live action version).

These movies had previews that looked better than the movie. :(

Blood: The Last Vampire is based on the anime of the same name. The only difference is that the live action version takes place during the 1970s and the anime version takes place during post-WWII era. The way it ended wasn't what I expected.

Ninja was another white man ninja wanna-be movie. (Movies involving ninjas or martial arts focused on Asians, but a single white man gets involved and saves the day.)


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Hubby and I watched Potemkin tonight. He got the DVD for me for Christmas. :)

It was great!


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Universal Soldier Regeneration. Very entertaining. Oldskool action movie. They don't make many action movies like this anymore.

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Jennifer's Body
Trick or Treat
Inglorious Basterds
Paranormal Activity

Since hubby and I started dating, we always had to have our Friday dinner and dates. Since I started college, we made sure we never missed our special Fridays. We would accommodate those Fridays by having a weekend movie marathon.

These are wonderful to have to keep the romance in any relationship as well as marriage. Just pop in the movie, cuddle and when a semi-scary scene pops up, just cuddle more. *hint hint* :giggle:


I saw three movies this past weekend:

1) My Life in Ruins: I actually saw it earlier on on an aeroplane to Japan, but of course, there were no subtitles. Since Redbox had free movies offer, I decided to use that for this movie. It was kind of corny, but it reminded me a bit of my trip in Greece this past June 2009.

2) District 9: Alien movie... Interesting, but not the best.

3) I saw again the movie "The Last Holiday" where a woman is told she has three weeks left to live, so she cashes in all her stocks and bonds, and esapes to Czech Republic to splurge her money in a first-rate hotel and tries different things like diving in the sky and enjoys eating all the latest culinary creations from a famous chef at the hotel. I loved the movie. It's acted by Queen Latifah and also L.L. Cool J. who I think is one of the hottest black guy on this planet.


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Last week, we saw "It's Complicated". It was some very funny.
Two days ago, we watched "Sherlock Holmes". This film is good.

This weekend or next weeknight, we will expect to see "Lovely Bones" and "The Book of Eli"
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Hollywood Land
The Scifi Boys
Illegal Tender
Driving Lessons

Enjoyed all of these


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Lovely Bones - very good movie but some problem with Caption (RWC) at threater. They have defect machine to make caption.


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Absolute last movie was Mr. Holland's Opus from the library. Watched it yesterday. Tomorrow I will watch Hair from the library.

Both old ones, but I am waiting for New Moon to come on DVD.