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Hi, I am a 54 yr old profoundly deaf man,who as a baby doctors told my mother that they might be able to do something as regards my deafness but also warned my mother that there was a possibility what residual hearing I had could be lost by their surgery, so my mother told them that would be a decision I would make for myself later in life.
I consider myself fortunate to have been given intensive 1 to 1 speech therapy & taught lipreading skills then I was placed into a P.H.U at a primary school and then went to Mainstream Secondary school where I completed my education.
I used to wear two hearing aids but as I grew older the sound on my L side became so distorted I gave that hearing aid back after asking back in 1990 if there was anything they could do for my L side & having a CT scan finally identified the cause of my deafness malformation & exposure of my cochlea so an implant wouldn't work. Now as expected my R side is deteriorating as well,I have NO complaints many of my classmates have never been able to hear or speak
Just recently I've been told I can have an implant but as I've been deaf all this time why would I want to join the hearing world now. So I declined the offer,I would rather a child be given that gift of being able to hear.
I`m not sad about losing my hearing to the extent I've been able to experience sound,whereas my peers at primary school couldn't. I've climbed to the top of Hereford Cathedral bell tower & heard the bells being rung, (As you stand there in the chamber where the bell ropes of the ringing room is located around 110ft up , you can feel the tower swaying slightly....it`s a strange feeling) I`m a retro gaming Nerd & have a nice little collection of vintage machines, That`s me!! Nice to meet You,