jayden and kaleb are born


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had my twins a few weeks early, but they're healthy! havent been able to talk to husband yet so he doesnt know. thank God my mom flew in to help me.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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Congrats! I hope that your health is well, too. It can be a challenge to bounce back while caring for 1 baby. I'm glad the grandmother is there, especially since you've been double blessed. Cute names!


Congratulations! That is great news! Glad your mom was able to come in to help and I hope you are able to talk with your husband very soon.


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Congratulations! I sure hope you and babies are doing well. I hope your husband can be with you and the babies soon!


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Big welcome to new babies, and heartfelt congratulations !!!
to Mommy and Daddy!

well done to all !!!! :)