Its getting wet.....


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Finally got our old house sold since moving last August, Last night we signed on having a new pool installed which was our son only request since moving. Now I am in the market for a zero turn to replace my rider since we now have 2 acres to cut, its extremely relaxing here with all the wildlife ( Deer, Raccoons, Beavers, Red Foxes and tons more even snakes and ) My son loved feeding the deer apples and I put out a deer feeder where they come every night, we have had about 20 or more at once, surrounded on 3 sides by a creek, its just amazing here.


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I'm jealous. I grew up as a complete country boy. Then we moved to the city while I was in school and poor because it was cheaper. Now I'm regretting moving here. I will be a country boy again someday. Your place sounds awesome.