Its been quite a while


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Hey all. I have been away for the longest time. Hope everyone is doing well. I am going to tell you all a little bit of why i have not been here.
I was doing so well last time i was posting. Me n partner are still fine. We are as strong as ever. Every situation below involves him to try make a shorter post i am not mentioning him.
But then i had to move house. I got very depressed. I tried to do positive things. I visited family i had no seen or ever met since the last time we spoke it was 15 years ago.
The meeting turned out quite well.
My grandfather is also deaf and displayed some of the symptoms i suffered when i first got my hearing aids. I tried to help. But unfortunately i never saw them again. All contact seemed to stop after 4 weeks.
I got back on my feet (still depressed) but i found a hobby. I started to make jewellery. I loved doing this.
I loved making chains and bracelets and necklaces.
It was so much fun.
But this was not enough to keep me from feeling depressed. Me n hobby spend a lot of our lives online and where we was it was difficult to stay online the internet connection was not great. We only had a tiny loft for a bedroom kitchen and living space. But for a little while we made it work.
Then christmas came. And we decided to visit a few friends over the holidays. This was a lovely change.
The week visit was amazing but 3 days before we was due to go back home. Our friends from down south joking at first said they could move a car load of our stuff and it went from a joke to reality in about 24 hours.
So we moved on the 3rd of January with the bulk of our belongings on the train since a car load was almost all of our stuff.
Now 4 months later we are both settled. Both got a bit of a better life style.
Bith feel healthier. I have not been using my hearing aids.
I stopped using them after a family meeting i had. I visted family i had not seen in 15 years. It was not a bad meet but it didnt go anywhere. All contact stopped. So i think this made me depressed.
My husband and friends have told me to use my aids as in last few months i have been getting pains and more discomfort in both ears.
But today i decided to pull my aids out of there storage place and give them a good clean.