Is there a single woman for me here ?

Hello there!
I'm................Chonni Silué, deaf hearing, single, 26 yo, student 2nd year of computer programmation, 1m73 for 54 kgs. From Abidjan................I need a single woman for serious relationship.


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You just confused your pronouns. We all get that. No one is making fun of you. It's the posts of Wakey that they are laughing about. The message is STEER CLEAR of Wakey!!:shock:


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Hi Chonni-

I'm sorry, I know communication can be frustrating. They are not making fun of you. They're making fun of Wakey. She posted some personal things about a relationship of hers, and alot of people like to make fun of her. I'm not saying that's good - I actually really don't like to see that kind of thing. At any rate, they were saying you should run away from her, not her away from you. So that wasn't a bad comment about you.

The thing about being gay was probably just because you used the wrong word. When someone mentioned Wakey, you said "asked him to give me a reply". Him means you're talking about a male. The English pronoun you needed there was "her". I don't think you should need perfect English to post on a forum, I'm just explaining to you what seems to have happened.

Good luck and take care.
caligirlnow, amylnne
I understand your answers and I say you thank for the advice.
me i use the google translator and find exact words that i have learn in English.
thank you for your good answers because that reassures me.

what girl can teach me English ? :hmm: