Is rugby better than american football?


Admittedly I am baiting people with the title. The point of this thread is a discussion of sports and I guess me understanding why Americans don't seem to play any sports with the rest of the world. At least not well.

I am from the UK where the two biggest sports are football (soccer) and rugby and I love these two endlessly. I have always tried to get into american sports but baseball is basically cricket. American football is cool but it takes way too long and there is not tension in basketball untill the last 3 minutes which makes watching it seem pointless.

These are all just opinions and I am hoping you can change my mind. Although I would also like to change your minds.


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What is wrong with any country having their own sports? So what if we don't play the same sports the UK does? What you may think is boring of American sports is entirely your judgment. We're proud of what we have here.


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Agreed with AlleyCat.

To the OP, it's all about tradition in sports for both UK and America... it's been like that since forever. There's nothing wrong with what we have here and what you have over there. I'm fine with what we have here with football, basketball, baseball etc. If it's too long or boring for you, there's plenty of other sports you like and enjoy.


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Soccer (aka futball) is picking up steam in the US so there's that. As for the rest- to each their own. I'm not a great fan of basketball but I know plenty who enjoy it and are huge fans. I'm more inclined to baseball and ice hockey.
Don't discount the US- I believe there are pockets of people who do play rugby or are fans. Not sure on cricket- that seems to be more of an Europe/Asia game. As other said- countries tend to have their own likes/interests/sports- some do have common sports like baseball or cricket.

At least we can say that tennis or swimming is pretty much worldwide :D