Input Appreciated!


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Hi alldeaf community! Fair warning: I do have a survey. Don't worry though, I read over the survey guidelines and ours is very different. We are working to help the deaf community and we want input as to how we can best make a product to suit your needs.

I am working on a team developing a sensor that can be attached to any car to alert the driver of sirens, honked horns, or any other audio signals that make driving more dangerous for deaf people. It would differentiate the different type of emergency sirens and use the change in frequency of the siren to communicate whether the emergency vehicle is coming towards you or moving away from you.

We are conducting market research to determine the best way to proceed with developing this device so we would appreciate it greatly if you could take our survey about how this product could best help you! We don't want any of your personal information, just your input. The survey requires an email address, but you can just make one up if you don't want to share your real email. If you are okay with being contacted and answering more questions, just leave your real email and indicate in the last prompted question that you are okay with being contacted. The link to the form is shared below, and feel free to share it with anyone else whose life could be made easier with this device.