In ITP and looking for someone to practice with


I'm currently enrolled in Troy University in the Interpreter Training Program. I am looking for someone to practice with on a regular basis.

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I'm taking online classes at Troy. We practice via Skype. Not all of them want to be an interpreter though. Some are only taking ASL to fulfill their language requirement. I'd prefer to get more Deaf interaction and create ties within the Deaf Community. Also, I have to have so many hours of Deaf interaction per class.

Jane B.

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Just a question. If you are having that much trouble finding Deaf to interact with who do you expect to be interpreting for when you graduate? Do you expect to have to move to find a job?
I'm not having trouble finding anyone in my area. I should have been more specific. I'm just eager to grow and want to learn as much as possible. My professor suggested this site as a good resource to finding additional people to interact with. If the need for me to move after I graduate from this program is great, I will gladly do that. If this is not to correct forum to interact and get to know more about the community, I apologize. I don't want to waste anyone's time. I'm just trying to better myself and grow whenever and wherever I can. I hope you can appreciate that.

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