Important to know when you are visiting the Social Security Office.


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Whenever you pay a visit to Social Security office, it is important to be sure the Claims Representative (CR) provides you with a "receipt" which is a simple print out explaining what was discussed along with the date. This is your "proof" that you were there and that the matter was discussed. If the CR does not provide a receipt, ask for the supervisor. It is a new rule that is required at all Social Security Field offices.

You also have the right to choose whether you want to use ASL interpreter or Video Remote Interpreter (VRI). If the Social Security field office refuses to honor your request, you should walk out of the field office and call the Center for Section 504 Compliance to report the issue. Be sure to get the name of the CR you talked with, the date and time, and the address of the Social Security field office.

To contact the Center for Section 504 Compliance the email address is: The phone number is 844-881-9061