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I'm nineteen, and while I'd had some issues with hearing before, suddenly lost all my hearing in both ears within the span of three hours. I was put on prednisone and told it would almost definitely come back within a few days, but it's not coming back. Despite being terrified I am going permanently deaf, I'm really comforted by everything I've found online about the Deaf community, but I have a lot of questions about what to do from where I am as it becomes less likely for my hearing to come back. I'd really appreciate a friend to talk to who knows more about the Deaf community and being deaf, or to know about others who went deaf in a similar way.

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Under home scroll down to our world our culture click on adjustment to late onset deafness, go to end page 87 I think there's a young man valorrian maybe you can help him you might read back through that thread and find some comfort