Identity Politics Gone Wild

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Stumbled upon this article recently at DeafRead;

Identity Politics Gone Wild - (Weekly Standard)

The article truly delves into the minutae of Deaf Culture, to the point where it is disturbing on so many levels. Anyway, discuss amongst yourselves. :)

Me? I'm already looking to the future, optimistically clinging on hopes that Gallaudet and Deaf people in general, will do just fine, recent ugliness notwithstanding.


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I"m just hoping that the future will portray deaf culture in a more postive light.. becuase I've had a lot of hearing friends and family ask me if all deaf people are like Gallaudet's protesters.. I said no, Most of us are quietly changing the world.

So i'm with you, hoping we will do just fine.


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To be frank, the article wasn't well-researched. Very, very one-sided but what do you expect from a columnist who has a passion for badmouthing the liberals?

The so-called conservatives today are nowhere like the conservatives from the 19th and 20th centuries. They're a whole new breed. Reba and Roadrunner here are a better example of how a conservative should be, not Karl Rove, Ann Coulter or any of these angry little people.

The same can be said for some liberals, both sides have their bad seeds. Charlotte Allen is one of them. Many of these so-called conservatives don't represent the true conservatives of America.

Just like a lot of liberal activists or politicians don't represent the true liberals of America.

This column is filled with errors and holes. Way way too biased.

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I know that this article was not intended to become a political debate, but too late.
Banjo, You are correct, the article is biased. But so are most in all media. As you said, there are bad seeds on both extreem sides. For evidence of that, pick up any newspaper. 99% of all media is biased by liberals. The only reason this article is biased towards conservatism is because it si from a conservative newspaper.


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This column is filled with errors and holes. Way way too biased.
There were some odd errors, for sure. For example, she mixed up CODAs and Deaf of Deaf, and also misunderstands the reason educators want deaf kids to learn ASL first and then English (not because ASL's complexities help kids to learn English, but so that kids will have a strong language base from which to learn other languages).

I would agree that the column is not unbiased. I also think that you know what you're getting when you read "The Weekly Standard." However, I don't think the piece is as worthless as all that. To be honest, I did not take a stand during the whole JKF situation because I didn't feel I was able to get both sides of the story -- and EVERY story has two sides. I heard a lot of emotional reasoning and a lot of very personal experience to demonstrate why JKF should be ousted, but personally I don't take a position on a subject unless I feel I'm well educated on both sides of it. This article shows me that side of the story I wish I had had at the time.

Obviously in most things I tend to come down on the side of ASL and all that it entails, meaning Deaf culture and so forth. But I was never sure, and am still not, that the JKF situation should have blown up to the extent that it did. And it is absolutely certain that Gallaudet has many problems at the moment, which is not something you necessarily hear a lot about. (No pun intended.) I just wish there could have been a middle ground where the concerns of the students would have been addressed without all the negative attention that Gallaudet received. This was definitely not the second DPN that I think many people wanted (and believed?) it to be.

As always, take my remarks with the grain of salt they deserve, as a hearing person with no personal connection to Gallaudet, and also as a person passionately interested in what the future holds for deaf people in this country.

99% of all media is biased by liberals.
Oh, PLEASE. That is a ludicrous statement. Please state the source from which you obtained this statistic. And I would say the same thing if you replaced "liberals" with "conservatives," by the way.